Friday, 29 June 2012


Queens was one of the most popular band in the history of Rock n Roll. They had a magnetic stage presence and a classic performance. The group leaders of Classic Rock in 1980s, Queens were on of the most influential band in the history of Rock music. They were particularly famous for their stage shows which had a tremendous effect on their audiences. Their stage presence is arguably the best in all aspects as the crowd used to go mad as if they knew the hearts of their audience.

Definitely the major credit goes to the Queens front man Freddie Mercury. He was a man who had exceptional control over the audience as if he knew them inside out. He could play on their nerves and give them highs and lows kind of like what Jim Morrison used to do. They had great performances as well as music videos especially of their masterpiece Bohemian Rhapsody. Though the critics may call it twink videos owing to the fact that Freddie turned Gay but still what we cannot overlook is his contribution to the world of music and Rock n Roll. One of the greatest artist and performer this world has ever seen.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Awkward moments

Calvin’s dad was fed up of him watching television all day and learning stupid and unnecessary stuff. He then asked all those weird doubt from his dad of which he usually had no clue but, had to answer to satisfy his curiosity. He asked many weird questions like what are gay twinks, how is a baby created or why does they not live in a society where women roam around in scantily clad clothes. These questions not only made his dad awkward but also irritated. But, the type of questions he hated the most were of science.

Calvin’s dad was a lawyer and his scientific temperament was zero. He was unaware of the very basics of the science. Once when Calvin asked him how does a light bulb works he first told Calvin what he was about to tell him is secret and confidential so he won’t repeat it to anybody. Then the answer he gave to how does a light bulb works was that he said it was magic. This kind of preposterous answer always increased doubts and created more questions than answered. Thus Calvin’s dad never had a peaceful and quiet life since Calvin grew up enough to open his mouth properly.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stanley Kubrick

The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is a psychedelic and artistic piece of cinema as well as art. It transcends beyond art, cinema, genres or filmmaking. It is pure genius of the director Stanley Kubrick. This is the best example of sci-fi genre in its excellence and a though of a lifetime. This is considered of the most misunderstood or rather least understood piece of cinema. Even Stanley Kubrick said that any piece of art has its genuineness and every person has its own explanation of it.  Likewise this film is so mind boggling that one may rather watch gay twink videos than this.

It starts with the advent of life in this planet or rather the rise of man or the development of apes within earth. A strange monolith is planted in the earth which makes the apes wise and self dependent. The nest part shows million years later the same monolith is found on the moon in an excavation but it was realised that it was placed there many years ago and it’s not of the native place. The third part deals with the mission of Jupiter where a spacecraft controlled by a supercomputer HAL 9000 goes on quest of finding the secrets. Here it has shown the dominance of man over machine by simply the application of brain.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Right now in the above article you read about how illiteracy is a curse on people and how can it affect their day today life and the progress of country as well. This article is bout a step further from it. Now what can be the most important thing after literacy that along with it can surpass its effects? Think, think harder and ponder for a moment that this is the basic requirement to live in a well defined manner with the right attitude and aesthetic sense. Yes, you guessed it right, its education.

Now its education that defines the way of our thinking and the way we do things in our life, the way we do good and the way we make our decisions. Those things are not defined by literacy, those are governed by education. To be able to think right, its literacy; to be able to think freely, its education. The ability to make decisions and stick to it irrespective of what world thinks comes from a right sense of personal reasoning and that comes from education. Like the gay twinks or lesbian couples face the public ridicule but their firmness comes with education and so the understanding in our minds to their firmness.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

What All A Curious Man Can Do?

Curiosity is the essence of learning. If you do not ask questions then how do you expect to get answers? It is the virtue of a brilliant mind as said by Einstein. Curiosity is the basic foundation of all our modern science and technology, everything from needle to ship was made because someone at some point of time in history asked a question. Why does this happen? So he pursued the answers to those questions and developed science. I’m not talking about sexual curiosity like gay twinks or lesbians, ok that is also acceptable but it is a complete different thing.

SO ask questions! One does not seek answers unless he hasn’t asked a question, but the point is to ask the right question at the right time. What does that mean? Well, this means to grab the opportunity and look for things which others can’t. These things may not be extraordinary but everyone is not a keen observer. Everybody saw the apple fall but, it was Newton who asked the question, like wise do not be a follower take the opportunity to come forward and lead. We do not need lambs to be guided by shepherds we are the shepherds of tomorrow and it’s our world and our people we have to guide.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Soft as you like them

We find that a lot of people out there are ready to scare us. I will try to delve into the reason for this phenomenon, and why does it happen so frequently.  My theory is that people like some of us in the modern times are so secure and cosy in their lives, that we cannot defend ourselves; I would go onto say that most of us are in a similar position to what the gay twinks face in the porn videos. The reality is that life cannot be predicted and it is always is and will be dangerous for you, and you just have to accept this and move on.

The gay twinks also have a choice, but they are paid to act soft and meek, and that is what they do. If you as much as attacked these guys in real life, you would get a fitting reply, which you would not have expected. So, people what does this hold as a lesson for the rest of us? It shows us that however powerful your opponent might be, if you stand up resiliently to him, you might make his or her fall seem a likely event in some time.

Smile and bear it

Seeing the way the first two days of the England and West Indies test series have gone, observers are now realizing that the good old days are well and truly gone. The new generation of pacers do not have the quality to trouble the batsmen of today, who are helped in their domination by the fact that the bats and the defensive equipment these days  is much better than it was in the days before. The poor guys at that time did not even have helmets, which made them as vulnerable as gay twinks in front of some of the scariest bowlers that the world has ever seen.

The current crop just is not good enough, though they are led by a captain with a large heart who knows how to play the game in the way that it is meant to be. Darren Sammy is a man of rather limited ability, and he would be the first man to admit that; he does not scare the batsmen into submission, but he does have the ability to move the ball. He might not pulverize the opposition into gay twinks, but as his record suggests, he sure can get them out.